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#my personal canon for harry potter after deathly hallows is that instead of becoming an auror he taught defense against the dark arts #never in this series did harry seem happier than when he is teaching everyone in the DA disarming spells and patronus charms #also hermione is a wildly passionate social justice advocate and published scholar #ron is a badass auror with the best record in the ministry and a reputation for genius strategems#now and then they still find themselves investigating dark wizards or uncovering age-old mysteries together #occasionally they call on neville or luna for help #and so when they show up in the epilogue in their business casual jackets and mom jeans they’re just doing the parenting thing taking their kids to king’s cross - but behind the scenes hermione was up all night researching and harry and ron were out spying #and their lives are brilliant and anything but the monotonous and tame picture we see in those final pages #while i don’t necessarily loathe the epilogue i found it too out of character for all three of them #they’re loved now and relatively safe and they’ve stitched themselves together as a family but you can’t convince me these three ever outgrew that sense of duty and bravery and taste for adventure they had as kids

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#Dear Harry, ur hair looks rly good today. meet me at our spot near the owlery. I have something to give u… xoxo draco

when you feel embarrassed, then i’ll be your pride when you need directions, then i’ll be the guide for all time


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